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Josie (the birthday girl) With King Hamlet The Royal Python!

Ellie Doing The Tarantula High Five!

Spotty The Leopard Gecko!

Madam Octa!

The Tarantula High Five!

Daisy (the birthday girl) Wearing The Animal Friendly Snake Scarf!

Mr. S Having Some Lunch!

Jeff The Scorpions!

Daisy (the birthday girl) & King Hamlet The Royal Python!

Swirley The Giant African Land Snail

Thomas (the birthday boy) holding Mary the Chilean Rose Taranula!

Thomas (the birthday boy) holding Attila the Brooks Kingsnake!

Arizona the Lavendar Kingsnake finishing his dinner!

Chess the Argentinian Black and White Tegu!

Millie and Bella with their party goody bags

Drew holding Ken the Bearded Dragon

Dave holding Krusher his new scaly friend

After Lily met Renton the rat at her birthday party she fell in love with him and adopted him for the year!

This is another photo from Lily's birthday party with Renton the Rat.